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Hello!  My name is Kylene, and I'm a whole-foods health advocate, and show everyone how to improve their life withfood!  If you've found me, you're probably interested in My Edible ORAC list, available below, or in having me speak with you or YOUR community about antioxidants, including Healthy Chocolate!(TM)  Just enter your contact info and I'll send the document to assist you in eating to promote your health and extend your healthy life.  

My Edible ORAC list is extracted from the “USDA Database for the Oxygen Radical Capacity (ORAC) of Selected Foods, Release 2”( http://www.orac-info-portal.de/download/ORAC_R2.pdf ). *I* call the list  "My Edible ORAC" because I only included whole foods that you can buy at your local grocery. The 'official list' contained some items that were processed, and some specific to their manufacturer. If you check it out, you'll quickly see why the original is getting an extensive overhaul.

Please call me at (510) 542-8475 to talk about food, or to order Healthy Chocolate (TM)! We can discuss which product or products you should try. I can certainly tell you how food-sourced antioxidants have improved MY health! You can also press the "Start NOW!" button to go to My Healthy Chocolate page, or press the "Dr. Pederson" button to listen to Nobel Laureate and Anti-aging specialist Dr. Gordon Pedersen talk about health, healthy chocolate and how it adds to YOUR healthy life! 

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